About me

Yaseen Rocca

About the blog:

Articles, images, and videos of a writer, actor, peacemaking activist, researcher, misconception refuter, and self-improvement student. It is a long journey within and without. Let’s put truth, justice, and love before anything else, then make our world a better place.

Short Version:

About me, eh? Well, the short / Twitter version is: Bilingual Third Culture Kid,  avid reader, self explorer, truth seeker, researcher, compulsive actor, writer, fond athlete & a few other things.

Favorite Quote:

My favorite quote is something that I’ve  always felt comfortable saying to people I meet anywhere in the world: “I’m a Third Culture Kid: whoever you are, I’m one of you.” It is my quote. I said it spontaneously one day when someone asked me about my favorite country. I felt myself in it, and it stuck with me since then.

Can I help?

If you’re nutty, made of pure awesomeness,  full of love, beautiful, and outrageous enough to actually like me, or dig my stuff, and on top of all that, you also happen to be the nicest person in the whole world (wow!), so you wonder if you can help me, then yes, you can! If you’re in the film industry, then let’s talk “next blockbuster”, baby! If you’re a genius coder who can put together the next Facebook, and looking for trustworthy teammates to compliment your skills with creative winning ideas and elegant presentation, then let’s rock! If you’re neither, but much cooler in your own individual awesomeness, then you can help me by:

  • Subscribingto my YouTube channel (popcorn not included but working on it!)
    • And watching my videos then commenting, adding to your favorites, forwarding to friends, and giving your fair rating of my videos in stars
  • Likingmy Facebook page, or reeeeeally Liking it, whichever you prefer
  • Stalking meon Twitter
  • Indulgingin my blog Feeeeeds
  • Givin’ meh a piece o’ your beautiful mind, as comments, feedback, tips, or high-fives to yaseen@yaseenrocca.com.

YEAH! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Current Location:


Show reel:


Yaseen Rocca’s Official YouTube Channel






Long Version:

The long / YouTube version goes like, For now, my intention is to:

  • Vlog or video blog
  • Tell you more about me as a person
  • Showcase my professional work as an actor, past & current
  • Share my opinions & thoughts about current events and various subjects
  • And whether I’m acting, talking to you, or writing, do my best to inspire & motivate you, and make you laugh—if my “funny” ever fails, feel free to laugh at me!

I really appreciate it when you like my videos or give them thumbs up on YouTube, and comment or send me messages to share your suggestions & feedback. I also happily & gratefully accept constructive criticism and sincere, polite advice.

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you’ll definitely energize & encourage me to add more content regularly. So go for it!

I know that I haven’t shared specifics about myself, but I prefer it that way. If you are curious about one thing or another, feel free to email me. Time does not always allow me to reply to all messages, but I do my best.

Whoever you are, I wish you Peace, Love, more Time, and more importantly, the elusive Truth, before Time is up!

—Yaseen Rocca

1 thought on “About me”

  1. Lily El Shawarby said:

    I gotta say i enjoyed reading this 🙂
    Lily El Shawarby

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