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Yaseen RoccaYears ago, I produced a video on YouTube, titled The Last Walk of Shame (Why quit WoW), to inspire as many players of World of Warcraft as possible to at least reduce the time they put in the game.

The video has become fairly popular, and through the years, I received lots of heartwarming public and private comments. But I also realized that lots will keep playing the game anyway, so I thought I’d share with everyone a resource and IN-GAME tool or addon that helped me save a lot of time in WoW through the years and also helped me play competitively in the arena and battlegrounds; I tried and tested this in-game guide and can easily recommend it: Zygor World of Warcraft In-game Strategy Guide.

Best of luck with it if you’re playing the game anyway!


P.S. Or…if you’re actually quitting WoW just for GW2, then let me save you a bit of money & time:
Guild Wars 2 Limited Edition
Guild Wars 2
(EU) Guild Wars 2