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I’m generally interested in photography. Not all its aspects and not necessarily to do it for a living, but I certainly love to take photographs that would give me pride for being the photographer!

From this interest, I got to bump into some awe-inspiring pictures in a few places on the web before; you know, the kind that makes you feel like someone went all over one picture with amazing Photoshop skills. And just today, I discovered that at least some of those photos were semi-genuine!! Meaning, they were not Photoshopped in any way, but actually produced that way using special photography tricks.

What I bumped into was a package of an eBook with videos, hours of tutorials: Trick Photography and Special Effects, by Evan Sharboneau. Frankly, I was so fascinated by the samples of the tricks on his web page, that I sat there scrolling up and down with a half-dropped jaw and a fascinated, childish smile! Before I saw that such things were being taught, if someone told me that those are photography tricks, rather than Photoshop tricks…I would’ve never believed them!

Thought I’d share while I’m still excited about it. =)

—Yaseen Rocca