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Yaseen RoccaIt is alright to have to read some of this more than once so it makes sense:

I once said to someone that X is needed to have A, just like Y is also needed to have B.

They said, "Oh, so -X (negative X) is the same as -Y now?"

I said, "No, I never said they’re the same; Y is just an example. If you don’t like that example, here’s another: we also need Z to have C. Is that better?"

They said, "No, you’re using examples that are all negative when missing, -X, -Y, -Z."

I thought that part was self-evident, but I tried to be patient; I said, "Well, yes, the opposite of X, Y, and Z naturally must all be negative."

They said, "Oh, so now -X = -Y = -Z?"

Patience was running thin by then, so I said, "No, I never said they’re equal; I said they’re all goddamn negative."

They said, "Well, you should concern yourself with W, not X."

I rolled my eyes and rested my case, "I’m so sick of stupidity."

They had a friend cheering for them, and…that wasn’t the first time this happens to me! There are many more of these people; they’re out there. How do these people even get out of school or pass algebra? How can we ever have an intelligent conversation with people like that.

—Yaseen Rocca