Kung Fu GirlIt’s been a very long time since I was enticed to read a full article about something other than my usual: politics, religion, and self-improvement. I really enjoyed reading this account, Pakinam; kudos. You write remarkably well.

I sense a slight hint of righteousness in your tone too, by the way; believe it or not. See, not everyone who has strong opinions is a "fanatic", or deserve to be called so. A fanatic, Pakinam, is someone who keeps fighting when the battle is long over, someone who refuses to listen to reason and reacts defensively, emotionally to rational discourse. How do [you] react to rational discourse about Islam, for example? How would it feel if I said, there is surely enough protein in tofu and its lack won’t kill you to deem the consumption of pork permissible in your situation? How does it feel when I say that you would be hard pressed to "interpret" a litigious or legal essay without being a 4-years student of law, just like you’d be hard pressed to interpret a treatise on martial arts & Confucian philosophy without studying [and] practicing both, so I don’t see how you can feel comfortable interpreting the Quran without scholarly knowledge of classical Arabic, scripture interpretation, Islamic history or any other relevant qualification? How does it feel when I say all this? And…am I not being skeptic enough for you? Do I reek of fanaticism too?

You don’t need to answer. Rhetorical questions. Just food for thought. You apparently went all the way to China for martial-arts & life knowledge and answers. May you one day only go through just half that effort and journey for answers about God and monotheistic submission.

—Yaseen Rocca