Yaseen RoccaIt’s been quite a while, my dear brother
I’m even happier to join you again
To journey with you, side by side
It looks like the sky is also in rapture
Shedding tears of joy
Like I’m her favorite boy
Back from the cave
And onto God’s field
Under her watchful eye
That’s my favorite sky
It looks like her happy tears
Have overwhelmed the peaceful worms
That dwell beneath our favorite path
The reckless fools are out on the pavement
I know, brother, that you never harm them
And I wish I could do just the same
It looks like the fire in my chest
Is steaming here, her joyful tears
Do you ever wonder, too?
Where the mist heads to?
Time just flies with you
My dear brother
My legendary mentor
It has been a pleasure
But I must part again
Fore the fire inside starts to gain
And overtakes my soul
I don’t know how you do it
Never leaving the path
Or stopping for a bath
But I do know that
As beautifully as you can breeze
Beautiful with you, is the breeze
My brother in legs
They call you by many names
Race, Dash, Jog, and Run
But you will always be
My Marathon
My brother in legs
I missed you
And onto God’s field
I should be back again

—Yaseen Rocca