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A woman said to me, "I’m ‘strong’ enough to take anything that comes along."

I said, "You may be ‘strong’ enough to ‘take’ anything, but are you ‘faith-full’ enough to ‘accept’ what comes along—gratefully, cheerfully, and optimistically?

"I don’t need a strong woman who can be mean; strength is my department. I need a woman who passionately believes in me, in spite of everyone, everything, and the whole world; a woman who respects and unconditionally loves me, for many reasons…and for no good reason. Basically, my soul mate. And she can expect nothing less from me."

That’s some food for thought; because I don’t think that, in this aspect, I’m much different from most other men—even if others may not verbalize the message this way.

—Yaseen Rocca