I’ve had recurring elbow pain, and–to a lesser degree–some sort of localized shoulder pain that was only felt with certain moves and angles. The General Practitioners that I saw weren’t able to determine a specific cause. I don’t play golf or tennis to get either of the so-called Tennis Elbow or Golf Elbow. One question no one asked me before is whether I lean on my elbows while sitting for prolonged times. One day, by total coincidence I caught myself leaning quite heavily with one of my elbows on the arm of my chair, realizing that I do this for each of my elbows interchangeably. I was simply blessed enough to catch myself doing this totally unconscious act, so I started to consciously make sure that I refrain from doing that.

Now I just make the decision to sit upright and not rely on my elbows at all to support my body while sitting. And sure enough, the pain subsided after a few days–for both my elbows and shoulders! Hope this tip may help someone else out there.