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This is an excerpt from Daniel Bedingfield‘s official website:

Bedingfield was born in New Zealand then raised by social worker parents in South East London. By age six he was writing songs, by age nine rapping along to a boombox at school, and by age sixteen was composing on his first keyboard. When he was eighteen, Daniel wrote the song that would change everything. A song of self-belief, frustration and the first pangs of young love, ‘Gotta Get Thru This’ sat unopened for months in A&R-man bins around London. Indeed the track, with its overwhelming and innovative garage sound was still being widely ignored when garage hotshot EZ plucked one of Daniel’s self-pressed twelve inch singles for inclusion on the compilation album ‘Pure Garage 4’. Almost instantly, the track blew up everywhere from Brixton to Ayia Napa and propelled Daniel straight to number one in the UK charts. Not bad for a song recorded in Daniel’s bedroom with one computer and one microphone.

I found  the story very inspiring and motivational for me. And Daniel actually doesn’t stop there in terms of inspiration; I bet the story of his near-death experience in a car accident that almost broke his neck and head would be even more inspirational if he shares its details, or more precisely the details of his thoughts after the accident. Furthermore, Daniel can be very inspiring for certain types of people with his music and songs. From what I understand, he writes his songs, and the language he uses shows a touch of nobility, or chivalry in his approach to love. For example, he uses a word like “wife” in his songs; save for some country and contemporary Christian music, how many mainstream singers use a word like that in their love songs today? He sings words like, “A kiss without commitment…” only fills his heart with emptiness; how sweet is that! And he mentions God sometimes in his love songs. All this stuff may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I definitely dig Daniel Bedingfield’s work: his music and words.  And aside from intellectual inspiration, I think his music itself, or his beats show sheer genius: you’ll find pop, reggae, country, pop rock, and dance music in a single album of his. This is one artist to respect and support, so I really recommend you listen to all his songs if you’ve only heard “If You’re Not The One” or “Gotta Get Thru This” before.