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Update 8 May 2010: All the numbers of this old post below turned out to be wrong. I did have a feeling back then that it just didn’t make any sense. Basically, if the numbers were accurate, then I must have been visibly overweight, but I wasn’t. I never was, and would never let my health deteriorate that badly as long as I’m gratefully healthy. I found out when I saw that dreadful machine with an “out of order” sign on it just a couple of weeks ago at the gym. Boy, was I relieved! Hehe…I was like, “Phew, so the old piece of junk was messed up and inaccurate indeed!”

Well, apparently I’ve had some tough time for quite a long time. I’m not sure how accurate that machine at the gym is, but apparently my current Body Fat percentage is at XX%.  The machine says this is “……..”, XX% is “good”, and XX% is “…..”. So XX% may not sound bad to a non-athlete, but I presume it’s pathetic in the eyes of an athlete, and thus, that’s what it is in my own eyes too. I’ve got to sort this out, and so I’m making myself accountable in public. This isn’t exactly a resolution. Fitness is part of my identity, let alone lifestyle. It’s not even just how I live; it’s who I am. And it does sadden me to see such a number attributed to me if this is what I claim. So yeah, as of 19 Jan 2010, I am at XX% Body Fat. And this will be sorted out as soon as possible, using nothing but one creatine supplement, a balanced, healthy diet, and regular, rigorous exercise.