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This post is about a video of a 15-minute speech by Joe Vitale, aka Mr Fire. He was one of the main team members of the well-known project and documentary, The Secret.  I wasn’t convinced that the main story that Joe relayed in this video was true, even though I am very open to most of the ideas in The Secret and in similar books or documentaries. However, I still thought the video is worth sharing and keeping here for my future reference.

The most useful 2 concepts that I got from Joe in this video are:

  1. A reminder of The Power of Now. Truly living in the here and now. Reminiscent of the inspiring quote from the awesome, life-changing classic movie, Peaceful Warrior: “Where are you? Here. What time is it? Now. Who are you? This moment!
  2. An incantation that one would say to the “Divine”, in Joe’s own words, or for some of us, to God, which goes like: “I love you; I’m sorry; please forgive me; thank you.” The idea is that we all create our realities, so we can take responsibility for anything that we see, good or bad, even if we believe that we had nothing to do with it. So believing in our own ability to change our realities, including the very bad things that we see in front of us, one can repeat this incantation, addressing God, declaring our love to God, apologizing for any role we might have played in causing the bad thing in front of us–perhaps by not speaking against it or really making an effort to change it, asking for forgiveness, and thanking God for the forgiveness and everything else.

And here’s the video: